Welcome to Minibar's second exhibition in 2015!

❢❢ Opening: Thursday 26/3 17–21 ❢❢

❣ Body by Body (US)
❣ Jaakko Pallasvuo (FI)

❣ Stefan Tcherepnin (RUS)

Adaptation of Peter Wächtler's short story 'Come On'. Read and performed by Marie Nikazm Bakken, Olof Runsten and Malou Zilliacus. Staged by Olof Runsten, Anna Sagström & Matilda Tjäder.
➼ Opening evening 26/3 & Closing evening 18/4 at 19.


Do you ever get the feeling firm layers of cellophane are enclosing you as a membrane? Tightly wrapped in thin transparent plastic foil, a second skin is added. New outlook: the world seen through a pair of custom­-made shades with PVC clip-­ons. Navigating between sediments of plasticity altering your view you might want to grasp for easy solutions like asking, "What's beyond the illusion?" As white worms are crawling out your mouth a green screen is installed behind you. Potentiality is the activation — justification of a multiplied worldview.

Let’s take the myriad exits and entrances traversing the human body into account. A constant movement toward new horizons; alterations seem indefinite. The idea of a human subject that might have been deprived its limits and boundaries – without exact definition, without flesh or skin. A free-­floating figure in a landscape where the 'You’ is at stake. As your body transcends into an immaterial realm it's getting heavier, becoming toxic. You, a pile of waste among other piles of waste. You might want to ask yourself:

“Do I really think of myself as a superior being in a world of filth?” 
– Peter Wächtler, ‘Come On’

Saturation levels producing an urge to bend your corpse in different directions. Accelerate 180 degrees and release: how to deal with bodily waste if not to turn it into a scenic performance? If your left hand were to be cut off, would your feet dance in a more apprehensive manner? What are the survival methods at hand? How long can a headless body survive? Reduce / abstract vs. surplus / spill. We ask again: what to do with all this excess?

(Curated by Anna Sagström & Matilda Tjäder)


  Jaakko Pallasvuo, Stefan Tcherepnin, Peter Wächtler, Marie Nikazm Bakken, Olof Runsten, Malou Zilliacus, Anna Sagström, Matilda Tjäder, Minibar, Stockholm