27 june - 4 july
opening 26 june 2015  7pm

The ways of splitting speech are many, surely no fewer than their occasions. As Dante wrote, every variation varies in itself, such that from one time to another, a single language grows ever more opaque to those who would make use of it: the spider's web loses the angles of its spirals; the plots of sorrel and cabbages are trimmed by the hare; there is no honey with­out wax and no discourse without obscurity. The very production of order, secretion, the organism itself undertaking production, are all struggling to exist, struggling against a never-ending noise, against being dragged down toward the mortal fate of mixtures.

(Dante Alighieri, De vulgari eloquentia, 1.9.4 in Opere minori p.74 / Daniel Heller Roazen, Dark Tongues, p.16 / Michel Serres, The Parasite, p.87).

Amitai Romm, SQ, Garret Grimoire, Vienna