Heather McKenna 
a line from here to there with supposedly nothing in between
25 April - 20 May, 2015

it’s just white, no?
it’s stagnant, it’s still, it’s settled, no?
the movement, solidified, blown up, expanded, made all at once, like a stamp.

a line squiggles around, makes a gesture derived from the wrist. the material tells the way it was pushed or rendered into just so. wandering around its edges, it is flat. the image makes it still.

the qualities of line have a quick conversation over with the wall. and on the floor, from one side to the other are infinite in-betweens. backdrops are always shifting, meaning is always contingent.

(the line) it discussed the way it got there on its surface.

Three Four Three Four is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Heather McKenna entitled a line from here to there with supposedly nothing in between. McKenna has taken over the gallery to create an immersive environment complete with color gradation, amorphous form, and linear mark making. Her paintings act as a beginning and an end, with sculptural accentuations tracing one’s eye through both dimensional and flat space. Light plays an important role in determining the viewer’s relationship with the work by simultaneously providing content and acting as a cohesive element linking the room together in a combined effort.

Line is presented as a guiding agent, helping one weave between color, depth, texture, perception, and experience. McKenna’s subtle colors are present throughout the show in a warm, soothing manner. The assignment of natural light in a participatory role gives McKenna the opportunity to manipulate the works freely and expressively without fear of permanence or heavy handedness.

Heather McKenna (b. 1991, Santa Cruz, CA) lives and works in Queens, NY. She studied fine arts at the Pratt Institute and the Glasgow School of Art, receiving her BFA in 2013. Recent exhibitions include Gate E and Surface Matters at Muscle Beach (Portland), Read the Recap at The Reinstitute (Baltimore), Subtle Adornments at Honey Ramka (New York), and A Place to Rest While in Motion at Dossier Outpost (New York). This will be her first solo exhibition in New York.

  Heather McKenna, THREEFOUTTHREEFOUR, New York