Bobby Burke, Pearl Green, Ed Heisev, Toby Lobin, Geoffrey O'Toole
August 22nd - September 16th

1. Gather supplies; a pressure cooker, copper tubing, a drill with at least a 1/4” bit, a 15­gallon metal pot, a large plastic bucket, cheesecloth, 10 pounds of cornmeal, 10 pounds of sugar and 1/2 ounce of yeast.
2. Build a still; drill a hole in the lid of the pressure cooker and thread it to snugly receive a 1/4" copper tubing. Insert the end of the 1/4" copper tubing into the hole, being careful that it does not project through more than an inch. This is your condensing tube.
3. Boil 10 gallons of water.
4. Cook the cornmeal; add the 10 pound of cornmeal to the water.
5. Add the sugar and yeast; stir in 10 pounds of sugar and 1/2 ounce of yeast.
6. Ferment the mash; loosely cover the bucket with cheesecloth and place it in a cool, dark place, such as in your cellar or basement, to allow fermentation to take place.
7. Strain the sour mash through a cheesecloth; place the cloth over the bucket, then tip the bucket over a clean bucket or pot.
8. Pour the strained mash liquid into the pressure cooker; clamp down the lid and place it on a stovetop burner.
9. Position the copper tubing to create a condenser; run the copper tubing run from the lid (or vent) of the pressure cooker to a sink filled with cold water | coil the middle of the copper tubing in the cold water, then run the other end of the tube over the edge of the sink to a clean container on the floor.
10. Turn the stove on under the pressure cooker; let the contents heat to exactly 177 degrees F (80
Celsius) and no more.
11. Transfer to jars.

1­-800­-BAD­-DRUG is the number for legal help for victims of dangerous drugs & defective medical devices. Named for being appropriately ten digits long, this show is not an infomercial. There will not be any ads during this exhibition. This show will last longer than 90 to 120 seconds.

You left your stove on, this is not a drill. The dew point reached the temperature and you forgot your umbrella. Your next big business is failing. Today's the day your car breaks down, your transit card expires. You fall and throw your tray and all the glasses on the floor. The NSA won't know where to classify this one.

Bobby Burke, Pearl Green, Ed Heisev, Toby Lobin, Geoffrey O'Toole, THREEFOUTTHREEFOUR, New York