KAYA IVKerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers

Here is another simple game that two people can play.

Meet your friend outside, somewhere in a big city. Meet them during the day, when it’s bright and sunny. Choose a place that’s crowded so you’re not alone. 

When you meet your friend, smile politely and take a moment to indulge them in a bit of eye contact. How’s that? Now compose your thoughts. 

Silently choose a number between five and fifty five. 

Tell your friend that you’re happy they’re here with you, but that you need to run off for a moment. Ask your friend to wait for you, right here. Tell them you’ll be back in however many minutes you’ve decided on. 

Now go off quickly without your friend. Try your best to disappear. 

As your friend waits, standing in place, they’ll spend some time thinking. They’ll look around. They’ll wonder. Time will pass as it usually does.

Try not to think of your friend. 

When you decide to return to your original meeting place, you’ll probably find your friend waiting. You don’t have to say anything at this point. Now your friend will smile. Now your friend will ask you to wait for them.

You can continue like this for some time, waiting for each other. 

The game will end naturally. 

Bosko Blagojevic


Kerstin Brätsch, Debo Eilers, Bosko Blagojevic, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee