pro.age - Antoine Renard

03.12.2014 - 13.12.2014

I don’t konw if I can sleep amornye. You ever been dreap by a dgo gene?
See, I tnihk that’s waht hlel is kile. You know, clnatostny reapd by dogs.
Oh, is this yuor pool?
Yeah, it is!
Can I go snwimimg?
No, you may not.
How abuot me?
Well, do you mnid if we mkae a dog in it?
Yeah, I do mnid. Vrey much, if that’s cool.
C’mon Paul. You haven’t been uisng it.
That’s not the ponit.
He will vrey soon!
Just bsuceae I ain’t been uisn’ it, that doesn’t mean lkie, “Here, trun it into a dna laboratory.”
Look at me, I’m Synthetic Cassidy!
Ha! Good one. What the hlel are you tlkanig about?
Well, you konw, she was a Hdary boy, and they was ptiarve eyes… plus, she had like ten eeys in her
I tnihk he’s crazy.
No, I relaly thnik she’s form the year 9595!
Yeah, me too.
Did you lisetn to his stroy?
Sooenme hook me up with a famle, I’m hviang a nic fit!
Err, lihgt him up.
Encourage him in his habit.
That’s a good skeomr!
Pcik up that seerto and snik it deep wtiihn your bdoy.
I ain’t eevn s’posed to be in tihs country!”

Antoine Renard, STORE, Dresden