No Need to Hunt — We Just Wait for the Roadkill

It was not meant as a statement. Not at all. They just took it, mixed it, altered and extended it. They did not even care.
Artifacts. Cultural objects. De facto found footage. Natural materials. … No hierarchy but full potential.
Total opennesssssssss Ssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssss ssssss

A thrilling, raspy scream that sounds exactly like a raptor should sound.
At least, that’s what Hollywood directors seem to think.

It was a nice day. Late spring. High grass. We were driving already for a long time. I was thinking about the raptors to escape the monotony
of the approaching horizon. How they were sitting there, starring at us like pale teens starring at tumblr scrolls.
We saw quite a lot along the road. Beautiful Birds. „You need to type this in: NO NEED TO HUNT … in the Notizbuch. Acht Drei Null Eins.
You have it? … No Need to Hunt — WE JUST WAIT FOR THE ROADKILL. …… Thats how we work these days. We feed from the cultural roadkill.
The birds are smart. They get fresh meat with zero exhaustion. …“

Situation A:
An Artist goes for a hike in the woods. He spots a really nice cell phone
on the ground. He picks it up with thumb and pointer to save it.
Situation B:
An Artist opens her Instagram account. She spots a really nice well stone
in the scroll. She presses with thumb and pointer to screen-save it.


Alexander Endrullat, Burkhard Beschow, Camilla Steinum, Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite, Jake Kent, Kai Hügel, Michele Gabriele, Paul Barsch, STORE, Dresden