Installation by New Scenario in relation to BODY HOLES project
20:00 Screening by Daniel Iinatti
Tuesday 24 November, 19:00 - 22:00

Meet Ai under the spotlight of the solar anus, armed with an endoscopic camera and a Youtube playlist, taken up as a sword, to fight and resist the hierarchic pleasure pyramid. Open the so-called body and spread out all Ai surfaces, dilate the diaphragm of the anal sphincter, longitudinally cut and flatten out the black conduit of the rectum, then the colon, then the caecum, now a ribbon with Ai surface all striated and polluted with shit; as though Ai dressmaker's scissors were opening the leg of an old pair of trousers. Enter a center of primordial passivity and a perfect locale for the abject that serves as the universal black hole into which rush genders, sexes, identities, and capital; go on, expose the small intestines' alleged interior, the jejunum, the ileum, the duodenum. Work as the sun does when Ai are sunbathing or cutting grass.
The first organ to suffer privatization, removal from the social field, was the anus. Ai hole is a positive particle before Ai is the absence of a negatively charged electron, and the movement of electrons toward the positive terminal is also a flow of holes streaming back the other way. Immerse Aiself in a field of anuses, and a collection of small holes and tiny ulcerations: Ai heterogeneous elements compose the multiplicity of symbiosis and becoming. Holes are charged particles running in reverse. Holes are not the absence of particles but particles traveling faster than the speed of light. Ai realise that the anus is that center of production of pleasure. Ai is closely related to the mouth and hand, which are also organs strongly controlled by the sexopolitical campaign against masturbation and homosexuality in the nineteenth century. The anus has no gender.
Installation by New Scenario in relation to BODY HOLES project / Chapter 7: ANUS Featuring: Mikkel Carl, Jesse Darling, Michele Gabriele and Sandra Vaka Olsen
20:00 Screening by Daniel Iinatti
Organised by New Scenario & Agatha Valkyrie Ice

Mikkel Carl, Jesse Darling, Michele Gabriele and Sandra Vaka Olsen, Daniel Iinatti, New Scenario, Agatha Valkyrie Ice, Oslo 10, Basel