David Stjernholm 

19. dec. 2015 – 7. februar 2016

Audun Mortensen: Do you remember any of the Google searches from your work with this exhibition? 

David Stjernholm: Smupid, Douglas Coupland, Quinn Norton, cat5 vs. cat6, how much power does the internet consume, y-shield, ems blocking, wifi, blocking, gmail encryption, streams, primary colors tech logos, Bill Binney, data streams, human body as wifi antenna, sun navigation, Clouds, yarn ball, diving cave line, brain internet, consciousness, fingerprints, digital fingerprint, how to copy a persons fingerprint, technobiophilia, biomimicry, Peter Wessel Zapffe ‘The Last Messiah”, pathfinder 1987 trailer, pathfinder, torrent, transcendence watch free, spider worm stream water torrent, nature allegories in the internet, survival guide forest, how not to get lost in a forest, Icarus, Singularity, Minotaur, king minos, meander, maze, labyrinth vs. maze, backtracking, finder, audun mortensen, decision maker, deconstructing harry, lossless, lossy compression, artifacts, digital artifact, robot conversation, danish business authority contact, jammer law, walls, AWOL, deep web, silkroad, Dread Pirate Roberts, voodoo, 404, can zipping damage your tiffs, chiaroscuro, Rp. currency, middle ages renaissance timeline, cobweb effect, person full body, imitating nature, data package wiki, ciphertext, how zipping works, zip, poster tubes, Wood carbonisation, charcoal stages, fomo, how many pictures we consume each day, pneumon internet ant, shredded paper, shredded hard drives, what is albert.apple.commastercard with bitcoin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin, security level DIN 6, shredder, internet cable undersea map, shark bites internet cable, water, digital privacy, Carsten Thau, office walls, jacques tati playtime, wall divider, room divider, burn from laptop, 86 Degrees F, chainmail, yshield, firewall materials, shields, fire retardant, firewall, skeuomorphism, ant hill cast buy, ant pheromones, myrmica rubra labyrinth, captcha, download tor, duck duck go, hidden wiki, data loss, faraday cage, how to conserve digital information best, Janet Abbate, Google Books Library Project, library

David Stjernholm, Tranen, Copenhagen