Siera Hyte

Me and the king

Me and the king
How should you explain snow to someone who has never seen it? The body goes back and forth, persistently, between warm and cold. Temperature is intuitive, a feeling that comes before language. But, snow. A falling, colorless shroud, soft and softer, we got nostalgic for something we watched in a movie while outside the landscape was erased, the ground disappeared, some people were afraid, others could not leave their houses, but, snow, which blankets the earth, snow, which hides the ground, snow, which we waited to melt. This is not a winter-themed exhibition, although it takes place in wintertime.

Seasons cycle in and out, the body remembers, the body grows cold. But then, how should you explain snow to someone who has never seen it?

Queer Thoughts is delighted to present the first New York solo exhibition by San Diego based artist Siera Hyte. Hyte has previously exhibited at Egg, Chicago; Essex Sreet, NY; and Honolulu, Zurich. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at Ellis King, Dublin.

Siera Hyte, Queer Thoughts, New York