Signe Rose and Louise Sartor
Sometimes my way is more important than the truth
Tonus, Paris, France
December 5 – 20, 2015
She learns to recognise Paris Hilton by her hands. Tidies stray brows with pliers and applies colouring pencil around the eyes for a too-busy-in-the-studio-to-care look. She gets her leather imported because European piglet skin is too unblemished for her rustic look. Her only local source is old shoe leather because it’s been walked all over by Europeans you feel me.
The mass migration of refugees set off a return to grunge, but everyone got rid of their old oversize T-shirts with logos on them in the charity collection. Donation bins get raided in regret but its no use because they wear it better than you. Battery powered disco balls are trending because the generators at camp are reserved for more vital functions (tens of thousands of phone chargers). Energy drink sales go through the roof. If you have the 2014 Glastonbury Power Bar, you will be able to charge it at the EE Recharge tent.
Getting ready for her postcolonial makeover. It’s going to hurt like the most beautiful bruise in the world. She’s so afraid, but a little horny, like when you are about to walk into the best exhibition of your life but you are not sure if your global fashion signifiers are signalling.
“There’s no point in me focusing on getting any fucking richer” says Europe in the voice of Miley Cyrus. So, that’s how I started making art.

Signe Rose, Louise Sartor, Tonus, Paris