7) Tanya Brodsky, Sofía Londoño, Ellen Schafer, Jan. 10 2016

My mind is haunted by my mind.

I touch my toes. Doctors say: there’s a lot
going on under the surface even though
everything feels so light. The pipe, for example,
is 78’ deep to the well.

Various apparatus excavate my skeletal
system and other systems. And memories and
other emissions emerge. Including desire. I
hear a pop.

Lipstick drips from my hips to my eye-holes.
And the wallpaper is peeling. And so am I.

And the audience’s immobile reaction is
incongruous with the performed action.

I suppose something had to happen to my
body to realize I had one.


*+* text by Kim Schreiber *+*


Tanya Brodsky received her BFA from RISD (2005) and is currently an MFA candidate at UC San Diego. Brodsky’s work has been exhibited at Vacancy LA, Actual Size, Commonwealth and Council, Elephant, and UCLA New Wight Gallery (all Los Angeles) ; Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao, Spain, and Alternativa Once in Monterrey, Mexico. Brodsky has created a temporary installation for the LAX Art Garden Party in Beverly Hills, as well as interactive environments at the REDCAT auditorium, and the Bushwick Starr theater in New York. 

Sofía Londoño received her BFA from New World School of the Arts in Miami in 2008 and her MFA from USC in 2015.  Her work has been exhibited at Romer Young Gallery (San Francisco),  UCLA New Wight Gallery, Gayle and Ed Roski Gallery, Bolsky Gallery (all Los Angeles, CA)  and GLAMFA (Long Beach, CA).

Ellen Schafer attended the Roski School of Art and Design at the University of Southern California from 2014-15 and received a BA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012. Her work has been exhibited at OK Corral (Copenhagen, DK), CirkulationsCentralen (Malmo, SE), Park View (Los Angeles) and Shanaynay (Paris, FR) and will be included in upcoming exhibitions at Actual Size and PSSST! (both Los Angeles). She is currently working towards the production of Slow Leak, an artist book to be published by Bukow Press in 2016.

Tanya Brodsky, Sofía Londoño, Ellen Schafer, Kim Schreiber, SPF15, San Diego